Meet Laetitia Verdeaux


Laetitia Verdeaux started Crêpe Madame in June 2012.   She always loved making food for people, especially for friends and family. For her, it is the best feeling in the world and has always brought her a deep sense of joy and accomplishment knowing everyone has a full belly.  Laetitia discovered her passion for crêpes at a very young age.  Although she never imagined owning her own catering company in California,  she couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments to date and her clientele couldn't be more pleased that she did!  For her, it's sheer delight every time she witnesses others savor a crêpe and experience that amazing moment when people's taste buds spark the same way hers did the first time she ate one.  In Laetitia's words, 'There is nothing better than starting your day putting smile on people’s face".  She accredits her rapid growth and success to being able to do what she loves everyday.   In addition,  Laetitia gives much credit and thanks to her incredible team and their dedication to making every event a fun and memorable experience.  Crêpe Madame sources all of their produce from local organic farmers markets and all their sauces and chocolates are homemade from scratch.  You can taste the love and freshness in every bite!   Because Laetitia and team are perfectionists when it comes to their work and view each little detail as important as the next with savoir-faire, the end product, service, and over all experience make each event as successful as the next.  Crêpe Madame is not your ordinary catered food, it is a masterpiece for all the senses.   Whether you are looking for catering at your home, office, or other fabulous venue, large or small, Crêpe Madame offers the ABSOLUTE BEST catering to accommodate and delight all of your guests, even those with rigid dietary restrictions.  For an authentic French experience, immerse yourself into unique universe of crêpes & festivity and contact us today!